F.A.Q. – Frequently asked questions

I only parked for a short while

It is considered a parking, when the car is left unattended for more than three minutes.

In areas where stopping and parking is prohibited, the observation time is 0 minutes.

I did not see the sign / the signing was inadequate

On parking areas supervised by Scan-Park ApS, signs with information about the current parking rules have been installed. On the signing, it is noted that parking in violation with these rules may be subjected to a control fee.

On all parking areas supervised by Scan-Park ApS, signs have been installed at the entry and within the parking area.

My car was stolen at the time of issue

​​Provided Scan-Park ApS receives a copy of the police report, which states that the vehicle in question was stolen at the time the control fee was issued, the case will be cancelled.

Please note that it is not enough to provide us with a police report file no., as we do not have the possibility to acquire the required information from the police.

Parking outside of a designated parking space

​Parking with the entire width of the tire outside of the parking space line.

Has the car been parked so crooked that the parking has prevented another parking within the lines of the adjacent parking space.

The car has been parked completely outside of a designated parking space.

Is it legal for a private company to impose a control fee?

​The legal basis for imposing control fees on private parking areas is based on the Danish Contract Acts § 1.

If you use private parking areas with clearly visible parking rule signing, this is considered an agreement between you, as the user, and Scan-Park ApS. ​​

​I have used a parking disc / the parking dics was set correctly

​​The report from the parking warden shows that you have violated the signed parking regulations on the parking area, which is what we refer to and rely on.

The control fee has been issued because the parking disc was set incorrectly, or because the parking time had been exceeded according to the parking disc’s setting at the time of the observation. This applies regardless of how long you have parked in the parking area. The parking warden has in this connection made an observation and issued a control fee.​

I no longer own the car

​In this case you must send us a copy of the bill of sale, forced cancellation etc.

I have paid, but am still receiving payment reminders


  • ​The FIK-code might be entered incorrectly
  • ​Missing serial number/serial code
  • ​Missing registration number
  • ​The name and address of owner and the payer is not the same
  • ​Wrong amount paid etc.

My parking ticket / my parking card had fallen down

Parking cards and parking tickets must always be placed entirely visible in the car’s windscreen.

This is the only way the parking warden can check if the parking has been performed correctly according to the signing.

It is not possible to have the claim reversed, even if you can send a copy of the parking card or the parking ticket.

I forgot my parking permit

If the signing in the parking area show that a parking permit is required, you cannot park, as you do not fulfil the requirement that there must be a visible and verifiable parking permit in the windscreen of the car.

I have a disabled parking permit and have received a control fee

The vehicle has been parked in a parking space that is reserved, or where a parking permit issued by Scan-Park Aps is required.

The disability parking permit does not replace a parking permit.

The parking time could be exceeded.

Is the control fee lowered for senior citizens and students?

No. The fine is the same for everyone.

My car had broken down/ could not drive

In the case of vehicle breakdown, please send us a copy of the receipt from Falck or other roadside assistance as proof of you having received help to start the vehicle, or that it has been picked up.

I have submitted a complaint, but i have not received an answer

​Please check that your complaint includes:

  • Name and address.
  • The serial number of the control fee.
  • The vehicle’s registration number.

We are unfortunately unable to process complaints that do not include the above information.

If you have included the above, and have not received an answer within 2-4 weeks, please resubmit the complaint or otherwise contact us, as it is possible that we did not receive your complaint.


An objection must always take place through our website or by letter.

Objections are NOT accepted over the phone, and will NOT be processed.

The car has been rented out/i was not the driver of the car

​Please inform Scan-Park Aps of the name and address of the person the car has been rented to. We will then contact this person with a payment request of the imposed control fee.

​As the registered owner or user of a privately owned car, you must be able to provide solid proof that you did not performed the parking. If it is deemed that the documents you provided are not sufficient, or if you do not wish to provide documentation, or give the name and address of the person driving the car, we will submit the matter to court in order to judicial get your explanation of not being the person who parked the vehicle.

Where do i find the serial and registration number? ​

See the image below, it can be enlarged by clicking on it. Remember that the registration number is written without spaces.